Rebecca M. Versey

Rebecca Versey

Rebecca M. Versey

Age: 45

Occupation and highest education level: Critical care paramedic; some college, and technical degree

Relevant experience: I have five children who have been in the SASD for the past 16 years. I am also an adjunct instructor for emergency medical services (EMS) at Lakeshore Technical College.

Children need to catch up in their education. Many have fallen behind as hybrid and virtual are not working for everyone. There needs to be accountability for both the school board, teachers, and with the children. Safety going forward with PPE, sanitizing, and following the recommendations from the CDC is also a priority. Activities that have been missed that make high school memories need to be looked at as well. Since the pandemic has pulled the community apart, adding a requirement of community service to graduation would be a good start of helping each other and getting back to our normal.

I would like to see a change within the school board that is fair and balanced. Having parents and teachers being heard. I have had my children struggle through school after entering high school. I feel I am fair and offer insight to the school board. I have experience in many areas that will be an asset. Education is important to me. There has been a change over the past 16 years of my experience in SASD and I feel with a little work together, we can help the teachers, substitutes and parents come together and better the district for everyone.

I have seen struggles and success within the SASD. Over my years as a parent and as an educator, I have seen a change with accountability, education, and more of a concern with numbers of graduates than an emphasis on education. I will be fair and willing to learn everything that is needed within the school board position. I feel that there are always two sides to the story with an ability to come to a common agreement to do what is best for the children, parents, teachers and schools.