Recent Events

Plymouth and Sheboygan Falls Corner Rallies, Ron Johnson Rally


Sheboygan Brat Days Parade

Brat Days Parade & Activities were a huge success for many of our candidates and our new group, Voices for Values, and Turning Point Action. Check out the great pics!



The Fourth of July Parade was a huge success! Nearly 90 people joined our group along with a vintage fire truck, patriotic Jeep, and several other vehicles.

Incumbents and candidates that walked with us were Dr. David King and Kyle Yudes (Lt. Gov.), Ruth Villareal (9th District Senate), Terry Katsma (27th District Assembly), and Amy Binsfeld (26th District Assembly).

We were all well received with many affirmative yells, fist pumps, and smiles. Small American flags and flyers promoting "2000 Mules" and the RPSC were handed to willing recipients along the way. It truly was a touch of Americana. Thanks to Terry Katsma, Drew Petry, Jeff Preder, and James Evraets for their vehicles! Thanks also to Ted Keneklis, John Winter, and Katie Checolinski for their wonderful photos.

Kleefisch Meet & Greet

Rebecca Kleefisch, candidate for Governor, had a Meet & Greet at the HQ on Tuesday, August 2. Check out the pics which were kindly provided by Ted Keneklis.