The Sound of Silence

To the editor,


Recently the depravity of a person who shot an Eagle made headlines in our state.   What explains the lack of headlines about the depravity of building a windfarm near the lake Michigan flyway in Sheboygan County?  Why the silence about how the tips of those huge windmill propellers, moving at speeds of 125 to 180 mph in a brisk wind, treat passing birds like golf balls on a driving range?  Is it just that the death of a single American Eagle is a tragedy but that of thousands is just a statistic?


Equally strange is the silence surrounding what happens to these huge propellors after their short life is over.   The fact that they will rest side by side with the lowly plastic bag in mountainous landfills should be worthy a headline, if not a tweet for two, from our zealous recyclers.


Even more deafening is the silence of our affluent environmental lobby about how their push for “renewables” like wind requires them to strip mine the globe for rare earth storage battery components, often using slave labor in third world countries.  Such silence may be necessary to ensure the virtuous glow of electric car ownership, but it doesn’t do much for the environment.


And what about our governor’s silence about the fact that, even after massive expenditures of taxpayer and ratepayer dollars, “renewables” like wind can meet less than 5% of our current demand?  It seems at odds with his statement that in a few years such “renewables” must meet 100% of our increasingly voracious demand for electricity.


Silence is the most dangerous form of disinformation—silence, about the realities that determine energy policy, about the effects of open borders on our social service safety nets, about the failures of mask and vax mandates, about the corruption of vote harvesting, and the causes and effects of hyperinflation—about thousands of important things.


The worst silence of all would be that of Democrat and Republican lawmakers who fear to denounce and to shut down the new DHS cabal that claims the power to enforce more silence.  Without a free, open, and boisterous marketplace of ideas both liberty and prosperity die.


Art DeJong