Sen. Ron Johnson

To the editor,

It is hard to speak the truth when lies pay so well.

For years Wall Street, big banks, and big government have told us to keep spending and borrowing, first billions, now trillions of dollars;  Senator Ron Johnson called us to cut spending, not increase borrowing.

Big city mayors and global corporations told us to defund our local police and open our borders;  Ron Johnson called for more law and order even on the border.

Then big pharma and big tech told us to vaccinate everybody, including infants, and to work and play only through our phones;  Ron Johnson held a hearing, “Covid-19: A Second Opinion,”  that advocates for early treatment, natural antibodies, and an open society.

Now that we are being hammered by hyper-taxation through hyper-inflation,   chaos in our cities and on our border,  and unrelenting Covid tyranny, Democrats and their corporate partners are pumping millions of dollars into our state for attack ads to silence the one man in Washington willing to speak the truth in their world of spin.

Our dear, recently departed veterans, who flew bombing missions over enemy targets during World War II used to report that when they started taking flak, they knew they were over the target. The thousands of attack ads exploding around Johnson confirm that he is directly over the target.  Every nasty ad being fired his way is a badge of honor for Ron Johnson and the people of Wisconsin who elected him.


Art DeJong, Sheboygan

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 2/26/22