SPEAK OUT! – No Greater Love

SPEAK OUT! - No Greater Love


No Greater Love

Art DeJong

No Greater Love

2000 years ago in Israel, Jesus taught, “Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself.” One month ago, the same country experienced its opposite—a blitzkrieg of murder, rape, and pillage.

I for one, though jaded by the daily body count in our own cities and the slaughter of entire Christian villages in Africa, was shocked by the savagery of the attack, but not so much by the reaction of our own leaders. Our tenured academics as usual excused the brutality, hiding their hatred of Jews and Christians behind globalist rhetoric. Our president immediately called for a “cease fire,” concerned more about placating his liberal Jewish supporters and rabid Dearborn constituents than by either the American hostages or international justice. Our thousands of federal administrators, entrenched in the safety of their agency fiefdoms, treated the massacre as just a minor distraction from their more important job of micro-managing every detail of life in this United States.

The facts remain: the same hatred that came for Israel is coming for us, the even “greater Satan;” no country can be safe without secure borders; and no people can be safe, even from their own neighbors, without the rule of laws that defend liberty. It is also a fact that we now must depend for our defense on leaders who have opened our borders to our enemies, ignored our laws, and have fed hatred for America on our campuses.

The good news is that the unity and courageous response of the Israeli people to this massacre gives us hope, hope that we too can stop squabbling long enough to defend America. Maybe we too can summon the will and courage to get back into fighting trim. Maybe we can elect leaders to defend our own borders and to enforce our own laws and elect a Congress that will defund and delete entire agencies that are bankrupting our country, inflating our currency, limiting our liberty, and eroding our vitality.

It’s a tall order, but, if not now, when? Defending and reviving the old free America will not be easy but neither is fighting in the streets of Gaza and blasting into Hamas bunkers to defend your people. We are inspired by those Israelis who are practicing that other ancient truth, “There is no greater love than this; that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”

Art DeJong

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