SPEAK OUT! – Orks Again on the Move

SPEAK OUT! - Orks Again on the Move


Orks Again on the Move

Art DeJong

After reading about Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Jericho and the Jordan for a lifetime, my wife and I were thrilled to set foot in Israel itself when our cruise ship Norwegian Jade docked in Ashdod several weeks ago. Having heard Israel to be in a tough neighborhood, we were surprised by the calm of the people, the lack of an obvious military or police presence, and the normalcy of its busy streets and highways.

Shortly after returning from a too short visit, we were shocked to see body and dash cam video of terrorists slaughtering entire families in their bedrooms and gunning down commuters in their cars near where we had just visited. It reminded us of my wife’s father describing how he and his shipmates felt after complaining about missing the Sunday dance at Pearl Harbor because their aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington, had pulled out a day early on December 6.

Like the Israeli people today, these young sailors knew that they were in big trouble when they returned and saw the smoking ruins of their home port. They knew that they were alone in a vast ocean, outclassed by an enemy that was closing in for the kill after having made short work of their row of obsolete battleships. They had no idea how the story would end--of the bloody battles in the Coral Sea, at Midway, and in “the slot” near Guadalcanal where so many of them died. They knew only that evil never sleeps, that they must pay with blood for the gifts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of girls at Sunday dances.

The Israeli men and women, now taking up arms to defend their small nation from the genocidal hatred of their enemies who surround them, know that too. Suddenly their political battles between rabid socialists and independent tech entrepreneurs, between advocates for the rule of law and the rule of judge have been forgotten. Even their gun control liberals now reach across their aisle to share a full mag of ammo with their opposition.

Like the dope slap of Pearl Harbor woke up our sleeping giant years ago, the Israeli people have awakened and will not go quietly into the ovens. Yet our own woke leaders continue to snooze, babbling divisive DEI and utopian nonsense while funding those who have sworn to murder us all. They open our borders, hire America-loathing professors to teach our young, and of course, urge surrender to gain peace for our time. Their suicidal self-loathing is not rational; it is simply evil in the guise of incompetence.

Our grandfathers, surveying the wreckage of Pearl Harbor, knew that they were fighting for their lives and for that of civilization itself. The resounding wisdom of J.R.R. Tolkien again speaks as the evil Orks once again swarm out of Mordor to wipe out the world of men.

Art DeJong, Sheboygan, WI

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