“And In This Corner….” Post Election Strategy

And In This Corner....

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair

Post Election Strategy

Good morning, Freedom Fighters and RPSC Members. With many emotions already being expressed about the election results, some of which have yet to be determined, let me offer a few thoughts.

I was taught early on that if you do your best and manage what is in your control, you can sleep at night, assured that God will take care of the rest. After last night, I can attest to that. Sheboygan County turned out in huge numbers for Tim Michels (57.2%) and Sen. Ron Johnson (60%). In fact, we voted overwhelmingly for every Republican on the ticket state-wide and in our district. We did our best and managed what we controlled - our own backyard. Both Michels and Sen. Johnson stated how impressed they were with the sheer number of enthusiastic supporters they saw at recent rallies here. Every candidate that we supported won! Incredible!

So, the flipside is that what we did in Sheboygan County did not result in Michels defeating Evers! This is not only disheartening, but hard to believe. I have received many messages that express utter frustration with election integrity. Frankly, not much changed since the 2020 steal in terms of election reforms. The fraud is still there in large numbers. We will be working to get our Sheboygan County voter rolls cleaned up asap! This is what we can control. And we will!

One huge area that we can also control is winning local elections in April. We are tirelessly working toward that end with our HOWSE meetings. We are recruiting candidates for all school boards throughout Sheboygan County and key elected officials for each municipality. You can make a difference by either becoming a candidate or recommending one. This is how we win.....locally.....our backyard.....one race at a time!

Let yesterday's results inspire you to do your best and to manage what is in your control. Take an active role. Do what you can to affect change to make Sheboygan County great again! Then, sleep well!

God bless you all!



“And In This Corner…” Final Stretch Edition

“And In This Corner...” Final Stretch Edition

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair

Final Stretch Edition

Fellow RPSC Members and Freedom Fighters, we are in a battle for the soul of our nation, state, and community. Recent ads depict Sen. Ron Johnson and Tim Michels as "too radical for Wisconsin" because they stand up for the rights of babies to be born, support law enforcement, and encourage parents to take back their schools. Really? "Too radical"?

It is time to finish the job that we started on August 9! It is time to bury these socialist Leftists next Tuesday!



Here is what you can do in the next 6 days

    • Join the Corner Rally at 10:00AM on Saturday at 14th & Erie in Sheboygan. Bring your flags and signs! Make a statement that our values are for God, family, and freedom!
    • Join the Lit Drop at Noon on Saturday at the HQ. This is our last chance to actually make our community aware of the candidates who believe in and will fight for our values! Food will be served as well!
    • Come to our Election Night Victory Party on Tuesday at Racers Hall between Sheboygan Falls and Plymouth. Doors will open at 7:00PM. There will be great music, food, soda/water, a cash bar, and a very special Toys for Tots drive (See flyer below). Bring your families and fellow Freedom Fighters. Because we expect a large crowd, we would like to provide an estimate to Racers Hall for planning. Here is a link with more info and a way to sign up: https://www.creativenetdesigns-one.info/event/republican-election-watch-party/.
    • Volunteer to help at the Election Night Victory Party. We need people to set up on Tuesday afternoon and then assist during part of the event. If you are able to help, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. Thanks.

Everyone, I cannot stress how crucial it is for each of us to let our family members and friends know about the values that our candidates believe in, values that cherish our God, our families, and our freedom (https://www.creativenetdesigns-one.info/gop-candidates/).

This is our time to finish the fight!

God bless you all!



“And In This Corner….” 9/15/22

And In This Corner.... 9/15/22

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Freedom Fighters, it's time to take the gloves off! These November 8 elections are a fist fight! We need to answer the bell and finish the fight!

Both Sen. Johnson and gubernatorial candidate Michels are in razor-thin races and need our ACTIVE help! The state-wide down ticket must prevail. State Assemblyman Katsma and Assembly candidates Binsfeld and Bodden need to win and represent our views in Madison! Locally, we need to get Clerk of Courts candidate Koenig elected! These are must-win races!

Let me be blunt! Election integrity is a major concern. Though some are working feverishly to address the massive fraud of the 2020 "selection", the voting rolls have not been scrubbed, providing many ballots of dead people and those who have moved to be cast illegally. Yes, drop boxes have been declared illegal. But there are so many levels to the fraud that we cannot even imagine. While we work hard to get ballots cast for our candidates, the left works diligently to control who counts those ballots. Pure evil has been allowed to penetrate our democracy. And for the umpteenth time, I will say that our own State Senate and Assembly, both with Republican majorities, did NOTHING to stop the certification of the 2020 Presidential vote. This is why we are in this time of election uncertainty.

STILL, we must fight to win on November 8! If we throw in the towel, there is no chance of winning. But if we can withstand the sucker punches and the illegal maneuvers of the left, winning is possible! God expects no less of us. If we believe that He blessed us with this nation, we have a duty (and honor, I might add) to defend the greatest and last bastion of freedom on this earth. Against all odds, we can win this if we finish the fight!

What can you do? First, offer your talents and time. We are doing lit drops every Saturday until the election. Come to the HQ (1122 Indiana Avenue) at 12:00 Noon and be ready to deliver literature from multiple candidates at the doors of people who are clueless about the election and for whom to vote. If you want to do lit drops on weekdays, that's fantastic. We will use whatever time you can offer. The bottom line is this: WE NEED 100+ TO DO LIT DROPS!!!!!! Please join us at the HQ this Saturday and every possible Saturday between now and November 8!!!!! Also, if you are able to make phone calls, please text Haley at (920)980-2011 to get details.

Second, you can play a major role in winning local elections next Spring. I realize that this seems a long way off. But April is when we elect people to represent their municipalities on school boards and town boards and maybe even dog-catcher. Many of these are currently filled by liberals, even dog-catcher it seems. For the last 4 months, HOWSE (How to Win Spring Elections) has been meeting to fulfil the singular mission of the RPSC: To elect Freedom Fighters to all positions locally and in Madison and then hold them accountable. Our next HOWSE meeting is at 6:30PM on Monday, September 19, at Braveheart Pub. This will be to identify candidates and complete info on legislative bodies for all 24 Sheboygan County municipalities. Please join us!

On a different note, great thanks to our first annual Freedom Fest team who pulled off an outstanding event on Saturday, August 29. Over 120 people enjoyed great food, conversation, and a chance to hear and meet Tim Michels. Also, what a showing at the County Fair for our booth, those who worked, and the hordes of people who stopped by to talk politics! Report has it that all "Let's Go Brandon" attire sold out by Friday night. Believe me, we will order more! Great work, everyone!

I close with this: Freedom is a gift from God. Defend it with your life if necessary!

God bless you all!



“And In This Corner…” 7/30/22

And In This Corner.....

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Freedom Fighters, with just 10 days until Primary Tuesday, August 9, I am excited to announce key events leading up to that day and beyond!

First, there will be a 9th District Senate Debate at 6:30PM next Thursday, August 4, at the Sheboygan Area Lutheran High School Atrium. Voices for Values and Turning Point Action are co-sponsoring the event. We expect a packed house. So, please consider using the Register button on this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/9th-senate-district-primary-debate-tickets-391644327727. Voices for Values is a recently organized movement aiming to engage young people in political activism in the Sheboygan County area and spear-headed by Nate TenBroeke. Great work, Nate!

Second, please join us in walking in the Sheboygan Brat Days Parade at 9:00AM next Saturday, August 6! Nearly 90 of us had a fantastic time in the 4th of July Parade! We made a huge impact on those who watched as we stretched nearly 2 blocks with our flags and signs, our candidates, our flyers, and, of course, our candy! The Brat Days Parade is huge! The parade route has shortened and is shown when you register. Please sign up today by tapping on this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sheboygan-brat-days-parade-saturday-august-6-2022-tickets-387539941397. Final details of where to gather will be sent next week!

Third, there will be a Meet & Greet with gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch on Tuesday, August 2, at 1:00 PM.

Fourth, mark your calendars for the first annual Freedom Fest on Saturday, August 27, from 4:00-7:00PM at Plymouth City Park. This event, formerly the Corn Roast, has taken a youthful turn, with planned activities for all ages. The menu has expanded to include brats, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, and your favorite salad or dessert to pass. We expect a large turnout! So, please consider volunteering. We will be sending out more details with an opportunity to register and volunteer! Stay tuned!

Fifth, HOWSE Round 3 was attended by a lively crowd at Braveheart Pub on July 18. Attached (Download PDF HERE) are the extensive notes which includes a graph of our "watchdogs" for the County Board, Sheboygan Area School Board, and Sheboygan Common Council, along with where and when they meet. Please consider joining this unofficial group of Freedom Fighters that is solely focused on How to Win Spring Elections! Winning starts right here in Sheboygan County, one seat and one issue at a time.

Sixth, due to popular demand, "2000 Mules" will be shown at the HQ on Tuesday, August 2, and Thursday, August 11. Check the website for details. This movie is changing the minds of millions of Americans each week! I encourage you to take a friend to see 2 hours of the most incredible footage you will ever see. This really happened right in our own state! Thanks, Paul, for leading the charge on this!

Finally, God is moving in a mighty way! Stay in prayer for our communities, state, and nation. Nothing is impossible for Him! But He expects us to be vigilant and active. Life is a full-contact sport. When family and friends sit on the sideline and hope things get better, embrace the fight! This is our time to be used for His purposes!

God bless you all,



“And In This Corner…” 7/7/22

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Freedom Fighters, this summer is heating up with activity. Here is the latest.

The Fourth of July Parade was a huge success! Nearly 90 people joined our group along with a vintage fire truck, patriotic Jeep, and several other vehicles. Incumbents and candidates that walked with us were Dr. David King and Kyle Yudes (Lt. Gov.), Ruth Villareal (9th District Senate), Terry Katsma (27th District Assembly), and Amy Binsfeld (26th District Assembly). We were all well received with many affirmative yells, fist pumps, and smiles. Small American flags and flyers promoting "2000 Mules" and the RPSC were handed to willing recipients along the way. It truly was a touch of Americana. Thanks to Terry Katsma, Drew Petry, Jeff Preder, and James Evraets for their vehicles! Thanks also to Ted Keneklis, John Winter, and Katie Checolinski for their wonderful photos. A full set of pics will be posted on our website!

The Brat Days Parade is Saturday, August 6. This is another tremendous opportunity to show our community that we are active and growing. Let's see if we can hit 100! More details will be sent soon!

We are aggressively building a youth movement! Nate TenBroeke recently met with Turning Point, which targets young adults. One of the keys is to start a conservative group on each college campus. You can help, too! If you know a current student at Lakeland University, please let me know. It just takes one student to start the team. We know they are out there. Please let me know asap! Thanks.

HOWSE Round 3 is meeting on Monday, July 18, at Braveheart Pub. Initially named How to Win Spring Elections, HOWSE is developing a comprehensive process that includes identifying local issues that are on the minds of voters and then recruiting candidates who can run on these issues and win next Spring. You are all invited to either participate or observe. There is a lot of passion in these meetings! Arrive early for your favorite sandwich and beverage and enjoy the lively discussion! Check out the details under Upcoming Events.

The RPSC Board meets on Monday, July 11, at 7:00PM at the HQ. Attached is the packed agenda. Please check out the topics and plan to attend. All are invited! I want to personally thank Jeff Preder who made the arrangements for our June Board meeting at Globe Lanes in Random Lake. It was so good to see new faces and be in the southwestern part of the county. We will have more "On The Road" Board meetings this year!

I close with this thought. It's so easy to get caught up in activities and lose sight of our goal - To elect Freedom Fighters and hold them accountable! Parades, movie nights, and volunteering at the HQ may seem trite. But if just a few are inspired to join our fight after seeing us in action, it is meaningful! Don't underestimate the influence that you have! Just look at the recent Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v Wade. That took nearly 50 years! But it happened. You may never see the results of what you do today. But generations to come will be so grateful!

God bless you all!





Dennis Gasper Receives Alvan E. Bovay Award

Congratulations to Dennis Gasper, former RPSC Chair, for receiving the Alvan E. Bovay Award at the State GOP Convention on May 21, 2022. His tireless efforts were recognized at the Chairmen's Luncheon with comments by Darryl Carlson, RPSC Vice Chair and a sweet pic of him with Darryl and RPW Chairman, Paul Farrow.

Open Letter to Bob

Open Letter to Bob

"Open Letter to Bob"

Russ Otten 4/19/22

Background: I received the following email on April 5 via our form submission on the RPSC website, which at the time did not require an email address from the sender. Since I have no way to directly respond to Bob, I thought you might like to read it along with my response.

Name: bob

Message: hello, just curious, has the Gop given up in the city?. six years living here, never a candidate visit. I get planty of unwanted dem visits. not muct info on who to vote for. nothing on ballet so who can tell the gop candidate. are you just thinking the average voter knows the dems in charge always put gop peeps second? thought that the court stopped the gerry- mandering attempt yet the wards are changed. whats the info on this? I mean who wants to sign up for a news letter and get hammered three or four times a day asking for money. I made that mistake with Trump. now I cant stop the endless unwanted texts trying every tactic they can to steal my money. I am not GOP. I am conservative and the GOP is the best option. ROBIN VOSS is not only a GOP traitor, he is supporting a coup and is a national traitor.

Dear Bob, thanks for your note. I share your passion for conservatism and want you to know that in no way have we given up on Sheboygan or Sheboygan County. We exist with the single goal of electing freedom fighters for local offices and those in Madison who represent us. In fact, for the first time in our history, we supported candidates in the recent Spring local elections. Many made calls, did literature drops, and put up yard signs. Though these are called non-partisan offices, those who are elected have a set of values that determine how they vote on issues. We want those offices filled with people who share our values and will fight for them. Several of our candidates beat liberal incumbents. It was a good start. We learned a lot and will be making major upgrades to the campaigns of our candidates next Spring. This includes what we post on our website regarding districts, maps, voting polls, and, of course, our candidates.

Bob, if you become a member of the Republican Party of Sheboygan (RPSC), you will NEVER receive a message from us asking for money. You may get messages from the state or national Republican Party asking for money, but NEVER from the RPSC! What you will get as a member is an opportunity to make a difference. We have many events and activities with one goal - to elect freedom fighters! If you are up for the fight, join us! We need you, your passion, and your activism.

Bob, I was reluctant to join the RPSC, too. In fact, after the 2020 election was stolen, I checked out completely for several months. When our legislators certified the electoral votes without even the slight bit of a pushback, I was done. But God pushed me back into the world of politics. He told me that to make a difference I had to get back in the arena and fight. I am so glad that I followed His leading. I found out that there are thousands (like you) who just want to know that the RPSC means something, that it will hold our legislators accountable, that doing the right thing is not an option but the only thing. With your view of Voss (which mirrors mine), I know that you will find the RPSC to be your home.

Bob, if you read this, please connect with me directly at [email protected] or (920)207-3894. I would love to carry on this conversation, maybe even inspire you to engage in this fight!


Russ Otten,

RPSC Chair



The following candidates we supported won in their respective races.


Judge Maria Lazar 158,290


Suzanne SPELTZ District 12
James COULSON District 13
Jacob IMMEL District 19


Joseph HEIDEMANN District 10


Mark MANCL Out of city (1) seat


Janell BOHN



Editors Note: After the Tuesday, April 5th Spring Election, Sheboygan City Council District 10 candidate Joseph Heidemann won over Andre Walton 403 to 402 votes. Thursday afternoon Heidemann was informed by the City Clerk that an additional "vote" had been found.

Friday, April 8, 2020

After the Elections Canvas members voted to allow the additional ballot, it was then revealed that it was for......wait for it.......Andre Walton! So, the next step, according to state election law (which is, in my opinion, really messed up), a winner had to be determined by a card draw. Walton drew a 3. Joe drew a KING! So, Joe is the declared winner!

Walton now has the right to request a recount of the election. I believe this request was filed about 12 seconds after he lost the card draw. This recount will be set by the City Clerk for a date and time. I will let you know along with the rules of the recount and who may observe. If the recount shows no changes, Joe is the winner.

For now, say a prayer of thanks that God intervened!

Long live, King Joe!


Lincoln-Reagan Dinner A Smashing Success

Lincoln-Reagan Dinner A Smashing Success

Over 220 patriots gathered on February 25 and were stirred by the passionate words of Sen. Ron Johnson. Those who attended were a wonderful mix of long-time Party members and Freedom Fighters who recently joined the Party.

The Village at 170 was the site of this year’s annual gala. Everyone enjoyed an evening of great food, animated conversations, and a charged atmosphere.

Master of Ceremonies, Regular Joe (Giganti), challenged the guests to be aware of national, state, and local issues and get active.

Former RPSC Chair, Dennis Gasper, was recognized and presented with several gifts for his years of service. New Chair, Russ Otten, closed the evening with exciting news that the Party had grown from 175 to 300 members in just 5 months.