Open Letter to Bob

"Open Letter to Bob"

Russ Otten 4/19/22

Background: I received the following email on April 5 via our form submission on the RPSC website, which at the time did not require an email address from the sender. Since I have no way to directly respond to Bob, I thought you might like to read it along with my response.

Name: bob

Message: hello, just curious, has the Gop given up in the city?. six years living here, never a candidate visit. I get planty of unwanted dem visits. not muct info on who to vote for. nothing on ballet so who can tell the gop candidate. are you just thinking the average voter knows the dems in charge always put gop peeps second? thought that the court stopped the gerry- mandering attempt yet the wards are changed. whats the info on this? I mean who wants to sign up for a news letter and get hammered three or four times a day asking for money. I made that mistake with Trump. now I cant stop the endless unwanted texts trying every tactic they can to steal my money. I am not GOP. I am conservative and the GOP is the best option. ROBIN VOSS is not only a GOP traitor, he is supporting a coup and is a national traitor.

Dear Bob, thanks for your note. I share your passion for conservatism and want you to know that in no way have we given up on Sheboygan or Sheboygan County. We exist with the single goal of electing freedom fighters for local offices and those in Madison who represent us. In fact, for the first time in our history, we supported candidates in the recent Spring local elections. Many made calls, did literature drops, and put up yard signs. Though these are called non-partisan offices, those who are elected have a set of values that determine how they vote on issues. We want those offices filled with people who share our values and will fight for them. Several of our candidates beat liberal incumbents. It was a good start. We learned a lot and will be making major upgrades to the campaigns of our candidates next Spring. This includes what we post on our website regarding districts, maps, voting polls, and, of course, our candidates.

Bob, if you become a member of the Republican Party of Sheboygan (RPSC), you will NEVER receive a message from us asking for money. You may get messages from the state or national Republican Party asking for money, but NEVER from the RPSC! What you will get as a member is an opportunity to make a difference. We have many events and activities with one goal - to elect freedom fighters! If you are up for the fight, join us! We need you, your passion, and your activism.

Bob, I was reluctant to join the RPSC, too. In fact, after the 2020 election was stolen, I checked out completely for several months. When our legislators certified the electoral votes without even the slight bit of a pushback, I was done. But God pushed me back into the world of politics. He told me that to make a difference I had to get back in the arena and fight. I am so glad that I followed His leading. I found out that there are thousands (like you) who just want to know that the RPSC means something, that it will hold our legislators accountable, that doing the right thing is not an option but the only thing. With your view of Voss (which mirrors mine), I know that you will find the RPSC to be your home.

Bob, if you read this, please connect with me directly at [email protected] or (920)207-3894. I would love to carry on this conversation, maybe even inspire you to engage in this fight!


Russ Otten,

RPSC Chair

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