“And In This Corner…” 4/14/22

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Russ Otten

Fellow RPSC Members and Freedom Fighters, I fully intended to write this edition after the Spring elections last week. But new stories kept emerging on a daily basis that I wanted to include. So, let me share some of the latest.

First, last Tuesday was a major win for our movement. Though we lost some very close races, many of the candidates that we supported won! The biggest impact we had was with the County Board. Wins by Suzanne Speltz, James Coulson, Jacob Immel, and Carl Nonhof shook the liberals. Mark Mancl's re-election to the Sheboygan Area School Board was important. And Joe Heidemann's victory for the Sheboygan Common Council sent a clear message to Sheboygan that values matter. (More about that race to follow.) These results are a good start to making Sheboygan County great again!

Second, Joe's victory was won not by one vote, but by the drawing from a deck of cards after it was determined that an additional ballot was legally cast for his opponent, thus creating a 403-403 tie. This election is NOT OVER. There is a recount today (Thursday) at 9:00AM at City Hall. Joe will be there along with several representatives and legal team. You are all invited to witness this recount. Please pray for justice in this matter!

Third, the 6th District Caucus was one for the ages. With 10 counties represented, over 140 delegates attended, 55 from Sheboygan County. Incredible! But even more incredible was the result. By an approximate 130-10 vote, resolutions for decertification and Vos's resignation passed. In addition, there was nearly unanimous support for no endorsements by the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) during the primary. We will see if these resolutions are included at the State Convention or if we need to present them from the floor like we did at the District Caucus. Whatever it takes, we will do!

Fourth, speaking of the State Convention, which is May 20-22 in Madison/Middleton, this will be a war between the grass roots (us) and the RPW powerbrokers (them)! The actual action takes place on Saturday, May 21. If you were a delegate to the 6th District Caucus, you are automatically approved as a delegate to the State Convention. However, to attend, you will need to register online. There is a cost. Please see my email from earlier this week for details.

Fifth, our HQ has new hours, which are posted on our website. A special thanks to Bonnie Hill and Renee Keller for their work to recruit and organize the HQ team. They spent many hours to make this work. This is another big step for the RPSC as we grow into a powerhouse.

Finally, I received an email through our form submission on the RPSC website, which at the time did not require an email address from the sender. This particular email came from Bob, who started his message as follows: "hello, just curious, has the Gop given up in the city?" You can imagine my curiosity in what else Bob had written. Though not following many grammatical rules, his message was quite challenging to and not an isolated view of the RPSC. Because I have no way to respond directly to Bob, I plan to post an "Open Letter to Bob" on our website in the next few days. It will include his initial email. I hope you will take a few moments to read it and realize that we are in a battle for the hearts of our community.

God bless you all!




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