“And In This Corner….” Post Election Strategy

And In This Corner....

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair

Post Election Strategy

Good morning, Freedom Fighters and RPSC Members. With many emotions already being expressed about the election results, some of which have yet to be determined, let me offer a few thoughts.

I was taught early on that if you do your best and manage what is in your control, you can sleep at night, assured that God will take care of the rest. After last night, I can attest to that. Sheboygan County turned out in huge numbers for Tim Michels (57.2%) and Sen. Ron Johnson (60%). In fact, we voted overwhelmingly for every Republican on the ticket state-wide and in our district. We did our best and managed what we controlled - our own backyard. Both Michels and Sen. Johnson stated how impressed they were with the sheer number of enthusiastic supporters they saw at recent rallies here. Every candidate that we supported won! Incredible!

So, the flipside is that what we did in Sheboygan County did not result in Michels defeating Evers! This is not only disheartening, but hard to believe. I have received many messages that express utter frustration with election integrity. Frankly, not much changed since the 2020 steal in terms of election reforms. The fraud is still there in large numbers. We will be working to get our Sheboygan County voter rolls cleaned up asap! This is what we can control. And we will!

One huge area that we can also control is winning local elections in April. We are tirelessly working toward that end with our HOWSE meetings. We are recruiting candidates for all school boards throughout Sheboygan County and key elected officials for each municipality. You can make a difference by either becoming a candidate or recommending one. This is how we win.....locally.....our backyard.....one race at a time!

Let yesterday's results inspire you to do your best and to manage what is in your control. Take an active role. Do what you can to affect change to make Sheboygan County great again! Then, sleep well!

God bless you all!



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