“And In This Corner….” Why We Must Win in April

And In This Corner....

“And In This Corner...”

Why We Must Win in April

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Patriots, let's cut to the awful truth! Last Tuesday was not a good day for Wisconsin! Re-electing a liberal pawn who turned his back on freedom during the "pandemic" and is pushing CRT and transgenderism in our schools is unacceptable. Spin it any way you want. The bottom line is that the Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW), who cried for unity at the State GOP Convention in May, did not get Rebecca Kleefisch to endorse Tim Michels after the primary. The RPW has failed again to represent the fast-growing grassroots majority of its members.

Thankfully, we put our faith in God, not men and women. God has entrusted us as leaders in our community to take care of it, to ensure justice, and to make sure that His values are honored. If we do that, He will be with us!

So, how do we make that happen in Sheboygan County? We elect Patriots, those who live by the Constitution, to local offices and then hold them accountable. That is the singular mission of our movement. And that is why we must win elections in April!!!!!

Back in April, we created HOWSE (How to Win Spring Elections) as a group to develop a strategy to transform our liberal-loaded County Board, Common Council, and local school boards. We have identified key local issues to use as a campaign platform and are recruiting Patriot candidates to run for all open seats this coming April. Here is what is at stake:

  • Sheboygan County Board - No elections in April.
  • Sheboygan Common Council - 10 total positions with only 2 Patriots - 5 positions on the ballot - 4 of 5 are liberals - If we win all 4, we will have a Patriot majority.
  • Sheboygan Area School District Board - 9 total positions with only 2 Patriots - 3 positions on the ballot - all 3 are liberals - If we win all 3, we will have a Patriot majority.
  • School District Boards - Sheboygan Falls, Kohler, Plymouth, Oostburg, Cedar Grove, Random Lake, Howards Grove, Elkhart Lake

How can you help?

  1. Come to our next HOWSE meeting on Monday, November 21, at Braveheart Pub. https://www.creativenetdesigns-one.info/event/howse-how-to-win-spring-elections-round-4/
  2. Run for one of these positions! We will assist you in every step of the campaign and with financing. (See attached for campaign timeline)
  3. Encourage others to run and give us names of those who would be great Patriot candidates!

As I have stated from the time I became RPSC Chair, there are no non-partisan races! Every person who fills an elected position brings a set of values that affects the way each votes. We want Patriots who stand for faith, family, and freedom.Let's take care of our backyard! Please join us in our movement to transform these elected bodies in Sheboygan County!

God bless you all!



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