“And In This Corner….” 9/15/22

And In This Corner.... 9/15/22

“And In This Corner...”

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Freedom Fighters, it's time to take the gloves off! These November 8 elections are a fist fight! We need to answer the bell and finish the fight!

Both Sen. Johnson and gubernatorial candidate Michels are in razor-thin races and need our ACTIVE help! The state-wide down ticket must prevail. State Assemblyman Katsma and Assembly candidates Binsfeld and Bodden need to win and represent our views in Madison! Locally, we need to get Clerk of Courts candidate Koenig elected! These are must-win races!

Let me be blunt! Election integrity is a major concern. Though some are working feverishly to address the massive fraud of the 2020 "selection", the voting rolls have not been scrubbed, providing many ballots of dead people and those who have moved to be cast illegally. Yes, drop boxes have been declared illegal. But there are so many levels to the fraud that we cannot even imagine. While we work hard to get ballots cast for our candidates, the left works diligently to control who counts those ballots. Pure evil has been allowed to penetrate our democracy. And for the umpteenth time, I will say that our own State Senate and Assembly, both with Republican majorities, did NOTHING to stop the certification of the 2020 Presidential vote. This is why we are in this time of election uncertainty.

STILL, we must fight to win on November 8! If we throw in the towel, there is no chance of winning. But if we can withstand the sucker punches and the illegal maneuvers of the left, winning is possible! God expects no less of us. If we believe that He blessed us with this nation, we have a duty (and honor, I might add) to defend the greatest and last bastion of freedom on this earth. Against all odds, we can win this if we finish the fight!

What can you do? First, offer your talents and time. We are doing lit drops every Saturday until the election. Come to the HQ (1122 Indiana Avenue) at 12:00 Noon and be ready to deliver literature from multiple candidates at the doors of people who are clueless about the election and for whom to vote. If you want to do lit drops on weekdays, that's fantastic. We will use whatever time you can offer. The bottom line is this: WE NEED 100+ TO DO LIT DROPS!!!!!! Please join us at the HQ this Saturday and every possible Saturday between now and November 8!!!!! Also, if you are able to make phone calls, please text Haley at (920)980-2011 to get details.

Second, you can play a major role in winning local elections next Spring. I realize that this seems a long way off. But April is when we elect people to represent their municipalities on school boards and town boards and maybe even dog-catcher. Many of these are currently filled by liberals, even dog-catcher it seems. For the last 4 months, HOWSE (How to Win Spring Elections) has been meeting to fulfil the singular mission of the RPSC: To elect Freedom Fighters to all positions locally and in Madison and then hold them accountable. Our next HOWSE meeting is at 6:30PM on Monday, September 19, at Braveheart Pub. This will be to identify candidates and complete info on legislative bodies for all 24 Sheboygan County municipalities. Please join us!

On a different note, great thanks to our first annual Freedom Fest team who pulled off an outstanding event on Saturday, August 29. Over 120 people enjoyed great food, conversation, and a chance to hear and meet Tim Michels. Also, what a showing at the County Fair for our booth, those who worked, and the hordes of people who stopped by to talk politics! Report has it that all "Let's Go Brandon" attire sold out by Friday night. Believe me, we will order more! Great work, everyone!

I close with this: Freedom is a gift from God. Defend it with your life if necessary!

God bless you all!



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