SPEAK OUT! – Death to America

SPEAK OUT! - Death to America


Death to America

Art DeJong

Most of us were horrified when Hamas, no longer satisfied with firing rockets into Israeli cities, massacred Israeli civilians up close and personal. Some were surprised when American college kids “rallied” in support of the slaughter chanting “Death to Israel,” knowing that it continues, “and to the Great Satan America.” Others dismissed this as just the fashionable self-loathing of kids marinated a bit too long in academic left-wing theology. It is worse than that.

Israel has no shortage of left-wing socialists, those who advocate for a totalitarian Supreme Court, and, unfortunately, for keeping guns out of the hands of civilians. But would their students be so clueless as to scream, “Death to Israel” and advocate opening their borders to Hamas terrorists, assuming that they would murder only their political enemies?

Would their president welcome waves of unvetted military aged young men from every Israel-hating country in the world? Would their intelligence agencies keep silent as swarms of unknown “migrants” stormed their borders? Would half of their senators support the assault, or would millions of Israeli citizens vote to end their hard-won national sovereignty as our Democrat leaders and millions of their voters have done?

Most of our political and cultural leaders now say that they support the Ukraine and Israel, but their policies speak more loudly the words of their Ivy League children, “Death to America.” Israel is in a desperate fight for its life. Our fight is no less desperate.

Art DeJong, Sheboygan, WI

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