“In My Opinion” – Does Prejudice Hold a Place in Local Political Parties?

“In My Opinion” - Does Prejudice Hold a Place in Local Political Parties?

“In My Opinion”

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Does Prejudice Hold a Place in Local Political Parties?

Let’s look up the definition of prejudice which is “an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics”. Why is this important, you ask? Prejudice is happening right under your nose here at the RPSC and you might not even know it. Recently at an RPSC meeting Robin Vos allowed the Finance chair to discriminate against the Events chair based on age. This isn’t the first time this has happened in front of Robin Vos, this is at least the third time that this was allowed to happen.

When I spoke up and attempted to stop the age discrimination Robin Vos threatened to remove me for interrupting the Finance chair. The next day in a meeting with Robin Vos I asked about the reason for allowing age discrimination. Mr. Vos said he didn’t hear what the Finance chair said. I mentioned that he had to have heard it because I was threatened to be removed because I interrupted the finance chair. When I asked if he would put a stop to the discrimination Robin Vos said he would and that there would be a discussion with the Finance chair.

To this day Robin Vos has not had this conversation and the age discrimination continues. This seems to be the way Robin Vos wants to conduct business locally. Robin Vos has also asked for official minutes to be changed so that he and his followers would not look bad. Why would someone like Robin Vos want to change the official minutes of a Republican Party meeting? Seems like a move a tyrant would make to not allow transparency and Democracy to take hold.

Robin Vos has also not been truthful to membership about items brought forth at special caucuses, his handling of fundraisers, the twisting of the constitutional duties of the events chair and the speaker at the most recent Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

If the Republican Party wants to continue to grow, we need to look to the younger age group and find ways to get them involved instead of discriminating against them. Robin Vos seems to have one agenda. That is to push his agenda and to hell with any other views that other members or Board members have. If you oppose anything that Robin Vos does or puts forth, you can expect to be treated very differently than if you are part of his inner circle.

If this party wants to thrive and make an impact locally, we need to embrace all age groups especially younger conservatives and learn from our mistakes. Robin Vos’s leadership has shown that he is unwilling to change and continue to do the same things that haven’t worked in the past. Robin Vos it’s time you step up to the plate or put yourself on the bench.
Now that you have read that brief opinion article you are most likely saying to yourself wait Robin Vos isn’t part of the RPSC and he hasn’t ever attended a board meeting. You are correct but it sure sounds like it is all stuff that Robin Vos has been accused of doing by Russ Otten. So go back through the article and replace every one of the Robin Vos’s with Russ Otten and I think you will be shocked on how our current chair is taking the RPSC down the wrong path.

Jon Paul

Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column are not necessarily the opinions of the RPSC. Giving a means to express opinions is at the foundation of our Democracy and the Free Speech Rights set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Other members wishing to express their opinions about the RPSC or matters pertaining to our beliefs can send them to [email protected]

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