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Russ Otten, RPSC Chair

Russ Otten
It is my honor to welcome you to the RPSC!

At the caucus last Saturday, you elected me unanimously as Chair of the RPSC. I am grateful and humbled by your overwhelming support and promise to be a Freedom Fighter in this new role. I want to personally thank former Chair Dennis Gasper, for his years of dedicated service and commitment. His tireless efforts are commendable! And he made this transition very smooth.

The caucus was amazing! It was standing room only, with over 120 people crammed into the HQ. The range in age was 20-90. Nicholson and Kleefisch shared their visions as gubernatorial candidates. Many other candidates and incumbents of various state offices spoke as well. There were many. But the only standing ovation for a politician was when Rep. Ramthun was introduced. After the election for Chair, resolutions were next. That was an animated hour, capped off by the nearly unanimous support for demanding the immediate resignation or removal of Rep. Vos as Assembly Speaker. There was never a dull moment. Please send a thank-you to Ellen Vojta who made all of the baked goodies for the event!

I want to invite you to attend future RPSC Board meetings, held at 7:00PM on the 2nd Monday of the month at the HQ at 1122 Indiana Avenue. These meetings are for all RPSC members and include reports from the Treasurer, Secretary, committee chairs, and updates from our state legislators. If you plan to attend, please be respectful, be clear on a specific topic, and be positive by offering solutions.

I encourage you to sign up for and attend the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, which is set for Friday, February 25, at Village at 170 in Sheboygan Falls. Guest speaker will be Sen. Ron Johnson, who recently announced his run for re-election. You can sign up by going to the “Upcoming Events” tab, click on Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, and use the mail -in form or pay online. This is a fund-raiser with a cost of $50 per ticket. I realize that not all of us can afford this event. So, if you have the means, please consider hosting a fellow Freedom Fighter for the evening.

The RPSC website is your guide to upcoming events and what is happening with the Party. I encourage you to mark this as a Favorite and check it out each week. I will have a new message each month which will include my views as Chair along with updates on key events, local campaigns, and ways for you to get involved and make a difference in our community.

Some of you are still reluctant to join the RPSC. I get it. Trust is a key to joining any organization, especially one that is political. As the new Chair, I hope to earn your trust. We will not win every battle. But with your support and activism, we have the chance to win more than ever before. I urge you to watch what is happening with local elections and how the RPSC is actively supporting Freedom Fighters. I urge you to watch how we hold our elected officials accountable. My hope is that you will see that the RPSC is making a difference and that your joining will enable us to change the hearts of this community for good. If you want to join now, just go to the tab “Join RPSC” or print out the form and mail it in.

The singular goal of the RPSC is to elect those who will fight for our freedoms and then hold them accountable! Our focus is on city councils and school boards in our communities, County Board, and those who represent us in Madison.

Finally, I want to reiterate what I said at the caucus after I was elected Chair: I appeal to you right now. If you believe that this nation is the last hope of the world. If you believe that God placed you here at this time in our history. If you believe that this place is worth fighting for, I ask you to be united. Be energized. Be exhausted. Be victorious!

God bless you all!



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