“And In This Corner….” Special RPSC Caucus to Add Board Positions & Hear State of the Party

And In This Corner....

“And In This Corner...”

Special RPSC Caucus to Add Board Positions & Hear State of the Party

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Patriots, you are invited to a very special caucus/meeting on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 6:30PM, at the HQ (1122 Indiana Avenue in Sheboygan).

First, there will be a members-only vote on a motion to add 2 new positions to the RPSC Board. Currently, there are 7 positions. The new positions will be for Electronic Communications Chair and Events Chair. (See attached for rationale and motion with a full list of Board positions.) The motion will need a 2/3 majority of all attending RPSC members.

RPSC Board Positions Proposed for 2023

Second, I will give my first State of the Party address. It will include highlights of 2022, provide a detailed update on HOWSE (How to Win Spring Elections), and invite non-members to join our movement.

Russ Otten's State of the Party Address

Third, there will be an Open Forum for members to ask questions about our direction and plans for 2023.

Finally, please bring your friends who are fired up about but have not yet joined the RPSC. We want them to know what we are doing to transform our local leadership to better reflect the values of Sheboygan County.

P.S. Free popcorn, snacks, water, and soda will be available!

See you on Monday, November 28!

Russ Otten

RPSC Chair


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