Coming to a City Near You

Coming to a City Near You


Coming to a City Near You

Art DeJong

East and West met at our house. My wife grew up very near Provincetown, Cape Cod, on the Atlantic coast and I in Seattle on the Pacific coast. Provincetown was then a quaint fishing village, complete with crusty fishermen and an annual blessing of the fleet, Seattle a sensible western city run by Boeing engineers who watched hydroplane races and went hiking and skiing in the Cascades on the weekend.

Provincetown was an inclusive place where fishermen worked, raised their families, and tolerated a diversity drag scene in the summer, long before anyone heard of DEI. Then, however, the affluent summer crowd just bought the place, making it an exclusive inclusive enclave with a nautical décor but not much room for fishing families.

Something similar took place in Seattle on a larger scale. First it got hit with waves of California migrants who joined Seattle’s home-grown Microsoft trust fund babies who bought the city to make their own DEI upgrades. They got rid of the ablest engineers, defunded the racist police, and funded the downtrodden criminals, addicts, and other unemployed fellow travelers—all with predictable results. Don’t bring the family to Seattle’s Pioneer Square after dark, if at all.

We watched the fun from a blessed distance. Although Sheboygan too had been a hardworking, hard drinking port town, it was also a city of churches and remained a pretty good place to raise a family. But the end of that may be near, I fear. Last week I watched the Sheboygan common council railroad its city manager for “No Cause,“ except for what most suspect was his reluctance to get with the DEI program.

Unlike Provincetown and Seattle, however, family friendly Wisconsin may not roll over so easily. Each ”alder” who voted to oust Sheboygan’s sensible city manager now faces a challenger in the upcoming spring election. As my wife says, “We’ll see, won’t we.”

Art DeJong, Sheboygan

(TheSounder 1/19/2023)

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