And In This Corner… Quick Snapshop of Upcoming Events, Recap of Recent Events, and  a Moment to Remember one of our own 7/18/23

“And In This Corner...”

Quick Snapshop of Upcoming Events, Recap of Recent Events, and  a Moment to Remember one of our own

Russ Otten, RPSC Chair


Fellow RPSC Members and Patriots,

This is a quick snapshot of upcoming events, a recap of recent events, and a moment to remember one of our own.

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Due to the protest/rally at City Hall, HOWSE Round 4 will be Monday, July 24, at Braveheart Pub! Doors open at 5:30PM with the meeting starting at 6:30PM.
  • 2nd Annual Freedom Fest will be Saturday, August 26, at City Park in Plymouth. There will be great food with games and fun for all ages! If you would like to assist us that day, please contact Haley Stuckmann at [email protected]. More details to come!
  • Night of Inspiration will be Saturday, August 19, at Campus Life Family Center. A number of people will share their how their faith affects every piece of their lives, including how they approach politics and their activism!
  • We will have a booth at the Sheboygan County Fair on Labor Day weekend. Due to popular demand, we increased our space and are looking for you and your friends to volunteer for a few hours on any of those 5 days. Please email Haley Stuckmann at [email protected] and get a time that fits your schedule. Thanks.

Recent Events:

  • State GOP Convention was held June 17 in LaCrosse. With many fewer Patriot attendees, the RPW unfortunately pushed through an endorsement process for future conventions that will NOT include an "no endorsement option". This will apply to ALL statewide primaries. Also, the RPW recognized the RPSC as one of the top 5 county parties in Wisconsin in 2022. Thanks to all members and to some who have given so much to make us a powerhouse in our community!
  • Dozens of Patriots made a wonderful and lasting impression on the thousands that attended the 4th of July Parade. The upbeat music, great vehicles, and marchers all created an incredible vibe! 1,000 small American flags (with a small RPSC blurb attached) were given to children along the parade route. We even ran out of candy! It was a warm and successful event for our Patriot movement! Check out the attached pics.
  • A July 4th late afternoon text led to an impromptu but stealthy reading of the Declaration of Independence on the steps of the Sheboygan County Courthouse by Paul Werth and Russ Otten. See attached pic. We plan to make this an annual 4th of July event!

Moment of Remembrance

Mike Ensley

Sadly, we lost a great Conservative voice on July 13. Former State Representative Mike Endsley reached his final victory after a nearly decade-long battle with Alzheimer's. See Obituary. We extend our deepest condolences to Mike's family and wish them peace that can only come from God our Father!

God bless you all!

RPSC Chair

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