Imagine All the People

Imagine All the People


Imagine All the People

Art DeJong

Few are surprised by the blitz of indictments against our last Republican president. We got the point when Washington Democrats tracked down and imprisoned Republicans, often for years without trial, for “trespassing” while their own shock troops burned and looted our cities and violated our borders with impunity. Sentencing “proud boy” Enrique Tarrio to 22 years in a government gulag for “seditious conspiracy” adds a nice, Joe Stalin touch. The old southern Democrats are back on the plantation, cracking the whip--selectively.

Imagine the hundreds of thousands of white Republican abolitionists resting in northern civil war cemeteries who, with their president Abraham Lincoln, died that we might be only one nation with only one race, the human race. Think of their laughter at being labeled “white supremacists” by the woke Democrats who occupy Washington 150 years after the civil war.

Imagine the thousands of the black people who, after that war, freed themselves, county by county, from their old Democrat masters, often with help of the most honest of the civil rights groups, the NRA. What would they think of the compliance of their descendants to the Democrats who rule their cities today--cities without decent schools or law enforcement--cities where black men have a better of going to prison or the morgue than to college?

Imagine those long dead pastors, politicians, and academics who championed for the sanctity of every human life and the rights of every person. What would they say to those leaders today who fear to stand against the genocidal abortionists, the race-baiting diversity industry, and the brutal Marxist academics?

And what about those courageous revolutionary war mothers who refused to allow their children to be indentured to the British crown? What would they think about the willingness of today’s “college educated suburban women” to sell their children into lives of servitude to their big spending Washington masters?

Republican abolitionists may not have freed the slaves, but they made it possible for slaves to free themselves. Republicans today can’t free us from the “vote early vote often” Democrat machines that control most major cities and many states today, but their citizens can. Imagine what we could do if they and the new Americans who fled their own corrupt, lawless states and countries were to work with Republicans for that old, and ever new, miraculous dream of a country that really is one nation, under God—indivisible because it stands for liberty and justice for all.

Art DeJong, Sheboygan, WI

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