Speak Out! – We are the Lifeguards

Speak Out! - We are the Lifeguards


We are the Lifeguards

Art DeJong

The teenaged mobs that ravage downtown Chicago demonstrate what Illinois taxpayers get for the $30,000 per student that they spend every year on public education. But then education is just another cash cow to the Democratic Party machine that “elected” a new Chicago mayor with “ties to education.” Its product, undisciplined, illiterate kids, fully equipped for lives of welfare dependency, benefits a party dedicated to maintaining this dependency.

Things were no better hundred miles north of Chicago. The same Democrat machine put a soft-on-crime Milwaukee judge on the Wisconsin Supreme Court although the schools and the crime in Milwaukee are no better than Chicago’s. Fifty miles north of that in Sheboygan, Democrat voters also came out to defeat every new local reform candidate although Wisconsin’s own DPI statistics rate Sheboygan public schools not much higher than Milwaukee’s, and its Common Council is just as infatuated with DEI drag queens and high-rise, low-income ghettoes as is Milwaukee’s common council.

The party that wants teachers not to discipline or teach; police not to arrest; prosecutors and judges not to prosecute or incarcerate anyone, except political enemies, clearly wants to destroy the key to our prosperity, our system of liberty through law.

This new “Democratic” party, a coalition of big tech, big media, big pharma, and federally empowered bureaucrats, has spent billions to take down the old America with its patriotism, its “inefficient” families, and its unrestrained free markets and replace them all with an “efficient” party oligarchy like one practiced by their partners in the CCP.

Several generations ago European partisan groups fought the dictatorial tide that was drowning Europe and Asia. Free Americans came to their rescue. Now that this tide is drowning America, all of us, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike, must return to our churches, rebuild our own families and schools, and join the partisan lifeguards gathering at our county GOP life-guard stations. No one else will be coming to our rescue.

Art DeJong, Sheboygan

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